Compostable Garbage Bag Manufacturer|Premium Compostable Trash Bags for a Sustainable Future
Compostable Garbage Bag Manufacturer|Premium Compostable Trash Bags for a Sustainable Future
Compostable Garbage Bag Manufacturer|Premium Compostable Trash Bags for a Sustainable Future
Compostable Garbage Bag Manufacturer|Premium Compostable Trash Bags for a Sustainable Future

Item specifics

10-50cm/10-200cm or customized
0.012-0.1mm or customized



 Introduction of Compostable Garbage Bags
Premium Compostable Trash Bags 
Compostable Trash bags are excellent for cleaning up at home, in the backyard, on camping trips, at tailgate parties, and more. Easily dispose of messes with our kitchen, lawn, and large-size trash bags. these bags let you take advantage of all the goodness of composting - less landfill waste, better air quality, and richer soil.
Get the best trash bags for your needs, from biodegradable to heavy-duty garbage bags, available in a wide variety of sizes. 

 Water-based Inks.
 Eco friendly.
Product Detailed Parameters

Sustainability Framework:

Compostable & Biodegradable 


Zero-waste and sustainable bin liners
PLA/PBAT/Cornstarch, etc. Let's Know Your Needs, We Will Recommend For You.
10-50cm/10-200cm or customized
0.012-0.1mm or customized
Design Printing:
4 color max(Pantone), accept psd, eps, pdf artwork files or designed by us. Let Your Logo Unique,Put Your Good Ideal Into Reality.
Ink Type
Print Process:
Gravure printing
End of life solutions:
Industrial composting, Home composting
Recommended processing methods:
Blown film extrusion
Din Certco (EN 13432) for Europe/AS4736, AS5810 for Australia/BPI (ASTM-D6400) for the US

Designing with sustainability in mind

Our trash bags are made from PBAT, corn starch, and PLA,  these eco-friendly bags are certified home and commercially compostable after use. They also use vivid water-based ink printing, a better environmental alternative.

Compostable Pet Waste Bag
Compostable Dog Poop Bag

Sustainability Advantages :

1. Environmental protection: Compostable garbage bags are made of biomass materials, which can be decomposed in the natural environment and will not pollute the environment.

2. Convenience: Using compostable garbage bags can reduce the time and trouble of cleaning up garbage, and at the same time, it can also conveniently put garbage into the trash can or garbage disposal facilities.

Product Details Map
Relevant Certificate

Security: We have a BSCI report from SGS.

Our products are internationally certified, such as EU EN13432, OK Compost, OK compost HOME, US BPI (ASTM D6400), Australia AS4736 and AS5810.

What we can do for you?
Our Services
  • Tailored for your brand

  • Create the perfect fit for your brand and products with these fully customizable and sustainable bin liners.

    Customizable features

  • We can provide custom trash bags in a variety of different types and sizes, in the gauge (thickness) you need and with or without custom printing.

1.What's the material of your product?

Our material is PLA,PBAT and cornstarch, 100% biodegradable & compostable, no PE, Not harmful to the environment.

2.Does your products comply with local regulations and standards?

Yes, our biobased produsts complies with local regulations and standards. All our products have the international authorized certifications such as EN13432 (Din Certco), OK Compost, OK Compost HOME (TUV Austria), ASTM D6400 (BPI), AS4736 and AS5810(ABA). 

3.What are your advantages compared with your competitors? 

With rich industry experience and strict Product Quality Control systems, we provide:

1. Stable and reliable product at reasonable price

2. Good customer service: Fast response to any inquiry or question

3. On-time delivery. 

If the above models are not suitable for your needs, please tell us your needs, then we can send you the most satisfactory plan.
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