What are the benefits of green power?

What are the benefits of green power?

Whats the Green Power? 

Green power, derived from renewable sources like wind, solar, and hydro, offers various benefits. It reduces carbon emissions, mitigates climate change, promotes energy independence, and fosters sustainable development by minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, using green power supports innovation in clean energy technologies.


Whats the background?

As structural energy shortages, climate change, environmental pollution and other issues become more prominent, major economies around the world are actively promoting clean energy transformation. 

In order to reduce white pollution and realize zero waste emission, Torise Biomaterials actively apply the  green-powered facilities like wind power, VOC system, solar power to guarantee the normal operation inside the total plant, truly achieving zero emission.


What are the benefits of green power?

Compared with traditional fossil energy, green electricity has three advantages. The first is sustainability. Renewable energy resources are continuously provided by natural cycles and can be used sustainably. The second is high popularity. Most countries and regions in the world can develop renewable energy regardless of geographical location and climate conditions. Third, it is environmentally friendly. Renewable energy power generation has low or zero carbon emissions. It has little impact on the environment throughout its life cycle and has significant effects on reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

In manufacturing compostable plastic bag and materials, we insist in using green power as our main power supplying. Our products are truly compostable and biodegradable, help reducing the environmental pollution and improving the human living environment.